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Now more than ever, it’s essential to stay on top of your business’s cybersecurity. With the growing threat of security breaches, your business needs to take all the necessary steps to protect your data and systems from malicious actors.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most recent and prominent security breaches, as well as how your business can protect against similar attacks with the right cybersecurity services.

Recent Security Breaches

Businesses of all sizes are subject to security breaches, with some of the most recent and prominent including:

Activision Data Breach

Activision, the video game company behind the massive franchise Call of Duty, reported a data breach in December that compromised sensitive employee data. The data breach was not disclosed until months later. The breach occurred after a hacker used an SMS phishing attack on an employee, exposing private emails, cell phone numbers, salaries, and work locations.

T-Mobile Breach

In January 2023, T-Mobile discovered that a widespread data breach occurred where a malicious actor had gained access to their systems. Consequently, the data of over 37 million customers was exposed. The private information compromised included names, birthdays, and emails.

This data breach was in addition to a costly one back in 2021, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars as well as their customers’ trust.

LAUSD Data Breach

In 2022, a massive data breach at the Los Angeles Unified School District exposed the personal records of students and staff members. Vice Record, a Russia-based hacking group, targeted the second-largest school district in the US and leaked private information to the dark web following a ransom demand.

The hackers were able to access sensitive information such as detailed medical histories, passport details, Social Security numbers, and even Covid-19 test results.

Whatsapp Breach

In 2022, a major data breach on WhatsApp exposed the private records of more than 500 million users. Cybercriminals were able to exploit an API vulnerability in the app, allowing them to gain access to user information worldwide such as phone numbers, contacts lists, and messages. The stolen information, likely obtained by data scraping, was then posted to a hacker forum.

How You Can Protect Your Company Against Security Breaches

All companies, no matter their size or industry, should take the necessary steps to protect themselves from these types of attacks. Here are a few ways you can start protecting your company:

1. Update Your Cybersecurity Policies

Ensure all of your employees are up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity policies and procedures. Make sure they know not to click on any suspicious links or open any attachments that may contain malicious code.

2. Use Advanced Security Measures

Implement advanced security measures such as two-factor authentication, data encryption, and endpoint detection and response to protect against potential attacks. Invest in security software such as anti-virus protection, endpoint monitoring, and intrusion detection systems to help protect against potential threats. Additionally, use password managers to ensure all passwords are secure and regularly updated.

3. Monitor Your Network and Systems

Regularly monitor your network to detect any suspicious activity and ensure that all systems are up-to-date with the latest software patches.

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