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Make your simulations so smooth it’s almost real life.


TrinWare has been in the hardware business for over 20 years. Providing you with custom branding and top performance specs, TrinWare is an extension of your simulation business.

Why Choose TrinWare for Your Simulation Business?

At TrinWare, we understand that simulation software requires more than just standard hardware to run efficiently. This is why we specialize in providing top-of-the-line graphics cards (GPUs) and central processing units (CPUs) to support the most demanding simulation applications. 

20+ Years of Expertise: TrinWare has been in the hardware business for over two decades, providing unparalleled performance and customization.

Nationwide Presence: TrinWare is trusted by top simulation businesses across the United States.

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Built to Handle Intense Simulations

High-Performance CPUs: Ensure smooth and efficient processing of complex simulations.

  • Custom Workstations: Built-to-order workstations equipped with the best GPUs and CPUs for your simulation tasks.
  • High-Performance Servers: Scalable server solutions designed for large-scale simulations and data processing.
  • Robust Cooling Solutions: Ensuring that your hardware operates at peak performance without overheating, even during intensive tasks.

By leveraging TrinWare’s specialized expertise in hardware and efficient production and fulfillment processes, you can focus on core competencies while ensuring timely delivery of high-quality simulation products.

Boost Your Simulation Performance

Comprehensive support for your business

Dedicated Staff: Our staff is available five days a week and knows your products inside and out.

Full Production Management: We handle all aspects of production so you can focus on growing your business.

TrinWare specializes in manufacturing and logistics. We have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to efficiently handle the production process, quality control, packaging, and shipping. Our specialization ensures that your simulation company can benefit from TrinWare’s proficiency, resulting in higher quality products and streamlined operations.

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