IT Services for the Legal Industry

Your legal firm, like almost every other business, stands to benefit significantly from IT services that are well-planned and implemented.

In today’s technologically connected world, it’s critical for businesses handling confidential information to have cutting-edge IT solutions they can rely on to keep their systems operational and secure from online hazards.

IT Challenges That We Solve for Attorneys and Law Firms:

Businesses dealing with the legal system have a duty to safeguard this customer data from being stolen and transferred to unauthorized parties—a task that may appear difficult in light of the growth in cybercrime, but can be made possible by partnering with TrinWare.

Our team of legal technology experts offers you the most advanced technology solutions to meet your regular demands and keep your networks safe. We put a premium on taking preventative measures to ensure that your systems are secure at all times.

  • Systems that will support contracts, document review, and time allocation
  • Secure, government compliant encryption of documents in transit and at rest
  • Document production, handling, and filing, including electronic briefs
  • Cloud-based computing will allow you to access information securely wherever you are

Why Cloud Computing
Is So Helpful

Numerous global businesses are jumping over to the cloud, using data migration and backup services along the way—and they “win” when they make the switch.

Cloud computing has a true snowball effect of advantages when used correctly; data is still protected, the platform is more accessible, and a host of extra features make it a true beacon of business expansion.

For example, a department that oversees keeping records, such as case files, may save these documents on the Cloud and send backups to a third-party location. Across all business sectors across the globe, Cloud data storage is recognized for its efficiency and security.

Managed IT Services for Law Firms Offer Unparalleled Security and Compliance Methods

We understand the need for your data to remain secure and accessible. As such, our services include a variety of IT solutions that address these concerns and provide safe ways for you to store and handle data.

Each firm needs unique technological methods and features, and an outsourced IT department can assess these needs, offer optimization advice, and support devices for the company. Some of the IT services TrinWare can provide for your business include:

Safety From Cybersecurity Threats

Some of the biggest modern dangers to businesses that aren’t up to date with their IT operations are cybersecurity threats. With cyber-attacks accounting for significant company loss and downtime, cybersecurity is now an entire subcategory of managed IT services for law firms, and it is projected to keep expanding as threats develop alongside technology.

A quality outsourced IT department can expertly handle data encryption, phishing recognition methods, data backup, compliance measures, and many more security and compliance measures.

Having your employees trained on proper internet security use essentially turns your team into a security asset through training, and establishes the proper protocol for a possible cyber attack.

Protect Your Legal Firm Today

Why put up with watered-down IT support when you can get the customized services your legal practice requires right now? We are very experienced in working with law firms to assist them to meet their technological and regulatory needs, as well as any potential issues.

TrinWare understands the unique set of circumstances involved in maintaining a secure infrastructure at a legal firm and is committed to providing you with IT support that you and your firm can rely on.

To connect with an IT service provider for the legal industry, contact TrinWare today for a consultation. We’d love to help you strategize the growth of your business.

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