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What is The Cloud and How Does it Work?

The “cloud” refers to a network of remote servers that store, manage, and process data, allowing users to access all data over the internet. This means that instead of storing information on your personal computer or physical storage devices like hard drives or USBs, you can store it remotely on these servers.

When you upload data to the cloud, it is broken down into smaller pieces and stored in multiple locations for redundancy and accessibility. Using cloud storage services allows for easy retrieval and sharing of data, and even protection against data loss.

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Why Use Cloud Storage Services?

There are numerous benefits to using these file-sharing services for your business:

With cloud storage services, you only pay for the amount of storage space you need, eliminating the cost of purchasing physical storage devices.

As your business grows, so do your storage needs. Using cloud computing allows for easy expansion without the need to purchase additional hardware.

You can access your data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Providers offering this service have advanced security measures in place to protect your data from cyber threats and data loss.

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Our Cloud Services

TrinWare is a Microsoft Azure Partner, as well as having its own Private Cloud and Co-Location capabilities. Our Microsoft Certified engineers guarantee that your cloud migration and experience after going live runs smoothly.

  • Infrastructure as a Service: also known as IaaS, is a division of cloud computing that provides scalable computing storage, and networking resources.
  • Platform as a Service: also known as PaaS, includes all of the elements in addition to Operating Systems and Database Management.
  • Software as a Service: also known as SaaS, encompasses all elements from PaaS but adds in Hosted Applications.

We Guarantee the Highest Level of Support

With over 250 years of combined experience, Trinware offers the cloud storage services your business needs to succeed. One of our core values is service, and we pride ourselves on offering the highest level of support to our clients. As your trusted cloud computing partner, we’ll help you grow your business without the worry of security.

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Empower Your Business with TrinWare’s Cloud Computing Solutions

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