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HIPAA Compliance Services

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Every business needs to prioritize their cybersecurity, but medical offices must take more care than most. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, regulates how protected health information (PHI) is used and stored. This means that all medical providers, as well as any business that works with PHI, must comply with HIPAA or face serious financial and legal consequences.

We help medical offices in Denver and throughout Colorado become (and remain!) HIPAA compliant, even through advancements in technology and changes in regulations. Learn how we can strengthen your cybersecurity and give you confidence in your compliance.

HIPAA Compliance for Colorado Healthcare Providers

We’ve been helping businesses in regulated industries tighten their cybersecurity and maintain full compliance with HIPAA and other regulations for years. Our technicians have specialized knowledge of HIPAA’s many requirements and know from experience how to maintain your digital assets in a fully compliant and secure environment.

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How We Help You Achieve Full HIPAA Compliance

When you use TrinWare’s HIPAA compliance services, you receive:

We analyze, measure, and test your current security plan against HIPAA’s standards.

We build and implement a security plan that encompasses your processes, policies, and technology to achieve full HIPAA compliance.

We manage your security through continual monitoring, risk assessment, and support, updating your security strategy as new technologies and regulations are introduced.

Your staff can pose a significant risk to your security; we provide training to teach HIPAA-approved practices and secure online habits.

By securing your network through firewalls, endpoint detection and management, employee training, and more, we weave a multi-layered safety net that effectively thwarts potential threats.

Who Needs to Be HIPAA Compliant?

Organizations classified as Covered Entities must comply with HIPAA, including:

Third-party suppliers and vendors who handle PHI are classified as Business Associates and must also be HIPAA compliant. These can include:

HIPAA extends far beyond just hospitals. If you don’t have an experienced team to help you fulfill all the compliance requirements, you may be omitting important security steps and leaving your patients’ information susceptible to loss and theft and your own business open to penalties.

Enjoy Assured Security and Compliance

When you work with us, you enjoy peace of mind knowing your compliance is cared for by professionals. Here are some of the benefits of working with TrinWare for your HIPAA compliance services:

Comprehensive Security

We not only help you become HIPAA compliant, we fill all your security gaps, going beyond the requirements of HIPAA when necessary to fully protect your business.

Increased Trust from Your Customers

Your dedication to security and our implementation helps you gain customers’ and business partners’ trust as they are assured that their PHI is fully protected.

Your HIPAA Compliance in the Hands of Experts

When you try to achieve compliance yourself or have an unspecialized team attempt to deal with HIPAA, it takes too long and sucks resources away from other areas. With our experts on the job, you know it’s being done correctly and efficiently.

Work with TrinWare

TrinWare can restore your confidence in your security and help you continually maintain HIPAA compliance. And not only that, but we also help you solve a host of other IT problems, including assisting you anytime you need IT support, hardware, or strategy. Get in touch today to work with Colorado’s top IT company for all your HIPAA, security, and IT needs.

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