Full IT Services for the Architecture & Design Industry

If you work in the engineering, construction, or architecture industry, then you know that IT issues can stop business in its tracks. From on-site experts to surveyors working remotely, every member of your team needs to be connected safely and securely.

Your business needs hardware that works, and IT solutions that prevent issues, rather than only being present when something breaks. TrinWare provides robust IT systems that support your teams and projects, whether they’re big or small.

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TrinWare IT Services for Engineering and Architecture

TrinWare knows that your needs will change depending upon your focus.

Design specialists need hardware that’s slick and future-proof, with cybersecurity that prevents leaks of blueprints and other business-critical information. Architects and civil engineers need secure cloud access and VPNs for when they’re working remotely or out on a site. Construction specialists need the right smartphone tech to stay connected to the services that matter most.

TrinWare offers a full suite of services to support your architectural or engineering venture.

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What Sets TrinWare’s Services Apart?

It’s simple. We have the support and comprehensive IT services you need for architecture and the design industry.

IT Services for Engineering and Architecture – Why Choose Trinware?

We’re the best in the industry, and here are just a few reasons why:

Customer Care

TrinWare follows a “Customer First” policy. Our team is friendly, available, and, above all, listens to you and your business needs.

Solutions Designed with Your Industry in Mind

Whatever aspect of architecture or engineering you work in, TrinWare can make industry-bespoke software or hardware to your exact requirements.

Operational Security

Being connected via laptops, smartphones, tablets, and all the other devices you use in your daily business bring risks to your data, designs, and client relationships.

TrinWare offers the peace of mind that your security and IT systems are fit for purpose and well-maintained, to mitigate those risks.

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