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With over 200 years of hardware experience under one roof, we can make it easy for you to manage your Digital Signage Solutions. TrinWare has expert staff in the Digital Signage industry that can help procure, produce and fulfill your digital signage solutions across the US!

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Why Digital Signage Hardware?

Digital Signage is a display technology that provides an engaging and interactive experience for customers, employees, and visitors. On the other hand, digital signage hardware is the physical technology used to display content on digital signs. This hardware includes displays, media players, cables, power supplies, and other components that are essential for a successful Digital Signage deployment.

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TrinWare is a proud supporter of the Digital Signage Federation (DSF).

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Digital Signage Equipment

By partnering with a digital signage producer, you can offload all of the technical aspects of your digital signage manufacturing and give your customers an easy system to use. Not only that—a digital signage producer like TrinWare offers tailored, cost-effective solutions. That means you, as the manufacturer, don’t have to break the bank finding the materials to create the digital signage hardware. As an added bonus, here’s what else this partnership offers:

We’ll customize your hardware exactly how you like it without compromising your needs or your clients’ specifications.

Save time and money on shipping while we build custom equipment and ship it directly to your customers’ doors.

Our affordable digital signage solutions are perfect for manufacturers that want to save money while keeping quality and top-of-the-line equipment.

TrinWare uses the highest quality materials to build long-lasting digital signage hardware that will stand against wear and tear.

Save money on the cost of procurement and never worry about sourcing or purchasing the hardware to build digital signage—we’ve got that covered.

TrinWare, your digital signage partner, takes care of your digital signage hardware so you don’t need to hire in-house staff. Navigate an intuitive system instead and leave the rest to us.

TrinWare Can Help with Your Rich Media Content

When it comes to Digital Signage, hardware procurement and the hardware lifecycle can be a vicious cycle. Hiring the right staff to manage and maintain this solution is even more difficult. At TrinWare, we can procure, produce, and fulfill orders for your digital signage SaaS solution.

Our services can increase your ROI and business efficiencies. We also eliminate the hassle of having your own hardware team. We are dedicated to helping your business make Digital Signage hardware selection, installation, and management as easy as possible.

Our Digital Signage Hardware

TrinWare will handle the minutiae of hardware, including the following:

Services We Offer

  • Custom imaging – we can image your device with your custom image.
  • Remote access – We can load anywhere from 1 to 100 devices on a fully running rack at one time and allow you remote access to your player.  Load your custom content remotely and we’ll wrap it up!
  • Custom Branding – We’ll add your brand to players, boxes, manuals and more!  Our services are completely white-box, meaning your player comes from your business – not ours!
  • Full fulfillment – We’ll ship your product to your end user.
  • Warranty and Refurbished Services – We’ll handle the repair and redeployment of your player!

Players we Support

TrinWare adapts to your player ecosystem!  We support the following players and more:

Partner with TrinWare

At TrinWare, we are committed to helping you find the best hardware for your Digital Signage Solutions. Our hardware solutions provide the reliability, scalability, and performance you need to deliver an effective Digital Signage experience.

When you partner with us, you get access to hardware from the world’s leading manufacturers, a team of experts who are ready to assist you with all your Digital Signage needs, and affordable solutions that will help you maximize your Digital Signage ROI.

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Our Digital Signage Hardware

Ready to get started with our digital signage hardware business? Contact our team today and let us show you how our processes can help your business succeed. Our team of experts are here to work with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the best hardware for your business.

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