Derek McAdams

Derek enjoys spending time with his family, and anything technology driven. When the two are combined, he says, “That’s a recipe that can’t go wrong”. From a wide variety of video games to digital comic books to the latest and greatest movies, he can always find entertainment with todays’ technology. 

Currently, Derek has 7+ years of experience working in this industry. Although most of his experience is with hardware and operating system installation, his knowledge and experience expands to many other areas of the custom computing industry.

Derek first started learning about computers with a fancy 8088 when he was a child. Since then, he has progressively upgraded his computers and operating systems to keep up with the times. For about 15 years, all of his knowledge in the field of computers, both hardware and software, was self-taught.

  • A+; Microsoft Certified Professional; Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: OEM Reseller; Computer Technician Certificate from ACC.


I love working at TrinWare for the simple reason that I am a computer geek. I love working with the new technology, and being able to create something from nothing. I enjoy the custom side of the business as well, such as building systems to the customers’ specification and delivering them in the method of their choosing.

This deadline-based business can sometimes be hectic, but it is also something that I enjoy. It provides me with a challenge on a daily basis. Add the fact that we deal with new technology on a regular basis, and I am a happy camper.