About Trinware

Trinware is located in Centennial, Colorado in the DTC (Denver Technological Center) business area.  Trinware is the largest custom system integrator and solution provider headquartered in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Our “Regional approach with a National Touch” philosophy has allowed Trinware to provide custom computing solutions not only to all 50 states but internationally as well.  Currently our products are being sold into every major market in the United States.


Company Overview

Trinware was formed in early 2004 to give computer VAR’s, OEM’s, retailers, software solution providers, and corporations an alternative source for custom integrated computing solutions, products and peripherals.  Trinware manufactures custom servers, notebooks, workstations, and proprietary systems.  Trinware has the in-house capabilities of customizing any system and related software.  Trinware will also customize the presentation, delivery and the customer experience to your requirements. In addition, Trinware is experienced in the fulfillment of computing devices along with their associated components, parts, accessories and related peripherals.  To this, Trinware has become an expert in the kitting, fulfillment and distribution of products and parts associated with your computer needs.  Today, standard distribution channels do not fit the needs of the highly customized requirements of the computer integration and configuration marketplace.  Trinware’s business model has been engineered to accommodate and respond to the ever-changing nature of today’s computing environment and technologies..


Company Background

In 2004, Microsel of Colorado LLC was founded to fill the niche in the market that was not being addressed by standard channels of product procurement.  Through the collective efforts of our seasoned veterans our company has thrived.  Each individual has expertise in a different area of the custom computer field ranging from the manufacturing of computers and product procurement, to project research and sales. Combined, these individuals have over 100 years of industry experience.

In 2013, we changed our name to Trinware to reflect the strength, depth and diversity of our company in today’s custom computer marketplace

As Microsel of Colorado LLC, we had great success with our “Optima” branded custom systems.  With our new company name Trinware we have also changed our Optima brand to “TrinOne”.  TrinOne systems are custom configured using customer specified components with TrinOne packaging and logos.

Today, Trinware still provides the best product with the best service combined with a staff of industry experts.  We bring the computer marketplace the customization and flexibility required by today’s ever changing computing environment. 


Company Growth

Trinware has achieved rapid growth in the competitive computer industry by giving customers what they want:  custom configurations, custom software imaging, superior quality products, knowledgeable sales assistance, custom branding and delivery, competitive pricing, and a hard-working business relationship.

Trinware’s growth has been fueled by the basic fundamentals it was founded upon.  Our philosophy is to hire knowledgeable and experienced personnel that have proven success in the sales, engineering, configuration and fulfillment of custom computing solutions and related products.  This business practice has allowed Trinware to employ individuals who have significant relationships established with manufacturers, customers and related organizations throughout the country.  Since early 2004, Trinware has expanded its product offerings by selectively marketing product lines which bring vital business and benefits to our customers, vendors and manufacturers. This has provided Trinware with calculated and controlled growth.  Personnel and facilities have been expanded to enhance this growth.