Mike Kapler

While Mike will tell you that his interests are saltwater fish and racquetball, his real passion is coming up with problems and then solving them. He has been known to pose physics problems and then puzzle them through as a way to fall asleep at night. He thrives on improving things and making processes efficient. His latest accomplishment was building a 180 gallon predator fish tank from scratch - the culmination of a 27 year salt water aquarium habit, er hobby. The new lionfish and zebra moray are thriving and enjoy living amongst the menagerie that include a reef tank, several freshwater tanks, four dart frogs, four lizards, one yellow lab, and two young daughters. Thanks to Mike’s efficiency and inventiveness, just about everything is automated – even the girls’ bedtime. In his rare free time, Mike enjoys SCUBA diving and traveling to the far corners of the earth with his wife. 

Mike first started honing his solution-generating experience at the tender age of 18 months, when he figured out how to use a combination of drawers, the kitchen counter, and a breadbox to finally summit the refrigerator to torture his arch rival, Teddy the cat. Many years later, in 2001, Mike turned his attention towards computers and launched his sales career with CompUSA. He has been coming up with equally satisfactory solutions for his customers ever since. Prior to joining Trinware, he was the senior Dell sales champion for one of Dell’s largest nationwide partners. Mike’s experience includes training and knowledge in custom computers, customer service, Microsoft products, Intel and AMD processors, Seagate and Western Digital hard drives, Nvidia graphics cards, Lenovo, and server solutions. Mike keeps his technical skills sharp by fixing the home printer every time his wife has troubles with it, which is mind-bogglingly often. 

Mike earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, but he learned the most important lessons - his work ethic and how to tinker - from his grandpa on a Nevada ranch during the summers of his youth. Curiosity and a lack of fear of taking things apart took care of the rest. 

If it isn’t obvious by now, Mike loves figuring out how to make things work. He thrives on coming up with top-notch solutions. Trinware and his customers provide him with awesome opportunities to do exactly this every single day.