Mike Andrew

Mike enjoys sci-fi movies, camping, on-line gaming and Frisbee golf.   Mike is a huge fan of technology and has a detailed understanding regarding the specifics of what makes technology work.  Is he a geek?  For this answer, the Trinware staff was poled.  Much to Mikes chagrin, it was an anonymous: “Absolutely!!”

Mike Andrew has been with Trinware since the company’s inception in 2004.  With 20 years of experience in wholesale custom computer manufacturing, distribution and procurement, he has had the opportunity to work in all facets of the custom computer industry.  Mike is Trinware.  He fully understands that the culmination of Hardware + Software + People leads to success.

His background began in 1993 with Microsupply Inc.  Throughout his tenure with Microsupply he spent a significant amount of time in the technical area, ultimately finding is home in the procurement and sales arenas.

Mike continues to enjoy helping Trinware become the leader in the custom computer industry.  His finger is constantly on the pulse of what’s new and innovative.  He is responsible for bringing that innovation to Trinware, allowing it to be the responsive and adaptable company its customers have grown to expect.  Trinware is structured to adapt to the fast paced nature and rapid technology changes that this industry sees daily.

Trinware is a very adaptable company allowing for several avenues within our industry.  Trinware is structured  to allow for the fast pace nature and quick technology changes that we see every day.