Custom Servers

Trinware Custom ServersCustom Server Solutions from Trinware

Storing, transferring and accessing data is a key aspect of modern business.  As we become more of a digital society every year, the server-run business is quickly becoming the norm.  Servers can be a mystery to most business owners.   You might be thinking:  “What kind of software do they use?” “How do you manage security?”  Or “How much server space do I really need?”  These are questions we hear every single day.  In fact, many local and national IT companies rely on the expert staff at Trinware for help in choosing the right kind of server for a particular company or task. 

For companies without IT support, we often times find that they don’t even realize they need a server or how much money it could save them in the long run.  Much like with our custom computing division, Trinware can formulate a very specific, cost-effective and scaleable solution for your needs.