Custom Computers and Servers

Custom AllinoneWhat Does “Custom Computing” Mean To Trinware?

The word “custom” means different things to different people. At Trinware, we don’t try to fit your unique business into a universal box. We build computing systems, servers and more based on YOUR individual and specific needs.

Technology is constantly changing, making it difficult to have the most up-to-date computing power, while remaining cost-effective. While most businesses in our industry rely on this change in order to keep sales up, we stay focused on the customer.

Our experienced, educated and highly technical staff works closely with every customer to ensure that the technology we provide is not only cutting-edge, but will also provide you with the most value, for the longest duration of time.

Cost-Effective And Made-To-OrderCustom Tower

No matter how unique or diverse your technology needs are, Trinware has you covered. We save our clients time and money by producing on-time, custom solutions, ready to fulfill each unique role in your business, right out of the box.

Our Service Is An Unprecedented Value

No company provides this combined level of service, hardware, software and fulfillment. Our highly skilled, industry leading staff follows a strict and disciplined set of guidelines to ensure that your products get done right, every time!