Corporate Computer

Corporate Computer has been providing IT Services and solutions to the SMB marketplace for over 20 years. Having Trinware as my custom computer system provider for over 13 years has allowed me to successfully grow and expand my business. Working with the experienced staff at Trinware has offered me the luxury of focusing my efforts on solving IT solutions knowing I will be provided the best in custom computing solutions for my customers.

It is refreshing in today’s ever-changing computer marketplace to work with a Company that has their finger on the pulse of today’s technology. The Trinware website and system configuration tool is especially helpful in allowing my staff to custom configure the right solution for my customers.

I highly recommend Trinware if your business requires custom computers, servers and solutions and you desire to work with a tenured group that just “gets it”. The needs of today’s IT solution VAR is fast paced and these guys will be there for you – always.

Thomas Comings, President, Corporate Computer