Trinware Surveillance Customer MVaaS

As the industry leader in providing Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS), it is critical to our successful operation that we provide a hardware based DVR that is engineered, manufactured, configured and tested with quality and consistency at the foundation. Prior to working with Trinware our technology partner was inconsistent and unreliable in the fulfillment of system deliveries.  Trinware’s has been the technology partner to provide us this consistency and quality since 2008. Together we have provided numerous MVaaS solutions ranging from 5 to 1500 systems on a national level. 

Trinware’s customization capabilities, responsiveness, and flexibility have been instrumental in meeting the fast-paced demands of our dynamic marketplace allowing for our continued growth and prosperity.  Additionally, Trinware is our fulfillment partner for many items that are not specifically computing devices but required for our many installation scenarios. I thoroughly trust and highly recommend Trinware to anyone seeking the highest quality of custom computer and fulfillment solutions. 

Surveillance as a Service